The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming More Data Driven At Work

This is the second post in The Becoming a Data Driven Organization series. The first post was an introduction to a different approach to organizational behaviour and culture. The post, Moneyballing the Non-profit and Social Enterprise Sectors can be found here.   Becoming More Data Driven At Work How do you make decisions at work? […]

5 Steps to Transparent and Participatory Decision-making

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa talked about transparency and decision-making in her blog post. She questioned why in many instances showing how or the reasons why a decision is made, is often not included in the conversation. She questioned why in our adult and professional lives, we have moved away from those simple concepts […]

Making of We Think

Who are we? Why are we trying to do this? Why spend our free time on starting a nonprofit?   Aubrie, Lisa, Rayna and I haven’t known each other all that long either; about a year now.  We were brought together during an interdepartmental project where we each played a role in leading the work […]