Why $10 Million Won’t Solve Your Data Problems and Why You Should Care.

The Barenaked Ladies, a Canadian pop band, famously sang; “If I had a million dollars….I’d be rich.” For those of you, kind reader, who spend their days, evening and weekends in the trenches of data with a tenacity that is equally Herculean as it is Sisyphisian,you understand that a million dollars is no panacea of solutions and […]

From the Trenches: Theory to Practical

Hello, my name is James McNutt and I am the newest board member of We Think. My background is in digital mapping, coding, and some web development. Where the other members here have a wealth of experience in project management and public policy, I will be providing technical support and insight for the organization. I […]

Slaying Unicorns and Taming Hippos

To date, this series on data has been very conceptual and theoretical. Today’s post will be a bit of a pivot towards a much more practical look at data literacy and becoming a more data driven organization.   Interested? Let’s dive right in!   We have previously written about the value of engaging end users […]

Fact or fiction?

  What exactly is an alternative fact? If a fact is “a thing that is indisputably the case”, one may argue that an alternative fact is a thing that may be or is not indisputably the case. The problem is, facts and data alone do not tell the whole picture. As Rayna discussed in her […]

Build. Measure. Learn. Passion is hard work and takes time!

  It is so romantic to think the things we are passionate about are easy. We are a passionate group at We Think. As passionate as we are, developing this organization is hard work and takes time.   As a group of professionals working full-time, it is sometimes difficult to find the time and energy […]

Multiplicity … Truth through Data

Here at We Think as we move closer to developing our prototype, discussions about objective truth, perception, and reality among other themes keep popping up. With the happenings south of the border we are increasingly bombarded with messages from mainstream media and pop culture which drive home the message that we are living in a […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming More Data Driven At Work

This is the second post in The Becoming a Data Driven Organization series. The first post was an introduction to a different approach to organizational behaviour and culture. The post, Moneyballing the Non-profit and Social Enterprise Sectors can be found here.   Becoming More Data Driven At Work How do you make decisions at work? […]

5 Steps to Transparent and Participatory Decision-making

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa talked about transparency and decision-making in her blog post. She questioned why in many instances showing how or the reasons why a decision is made, is often not included in the conversation. She questioned why in our adult and professional lives, we have moved away from those simple concepts […]

Moneyballing the Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Sectors

Have you ever had the experience of having a conversation that was all too familiar in terms of the substance, but also fundamentally wrong or off the mark? Perhaps it was a discussion about the performance of a sports team, the day by day analysis leading up to an election, or a meeting at work. […]

Does 1 + 1 = 3?

Hi to all out there. Our board is all contributing and working together on our blogs and messages, since as much as it is from the organization and underpinned by our shared principles and values, we are also highlighting our own individual spins as well. My first take on this is tackling the issue of […]