Why $10 Million Won’t Solve Your Data Problems and Why You Should Care.

The Barenaked Ladies, a Canadian pop band, famously sang; “If I had a million dollars….I’d be rich.” For those of you, kind reader, who spend their days, evening and weekends in the trenches of data with a tenacity that is equally Herculean as it is Sisyphisian,you understand that a million dollars is no panacea of solutions and […]

Slaying Unicorns and Taming Hippos

To date, this series on data has been very conceptual and theoretical. Today’s post will be a bit of a pivot towards a much more practical look at data literacy and becoming a more data driven organization.   Interested? Let’s dive right in!   We have previously written about the value of engaging end users […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming More Data Driven At Work

This is the second post in The Becoming a Data Driven Organization series. The first post was an introduction to a different approach to organizational behaviour and culture. The post, Moneyballing the Non-profit and Social Enterprise Sectors can be found here.   Becoming More Data Driven At Work How do you make decisions at work? […]

5 Steps to Transparent and Participatory Decision-making

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa talked about transparency and decision-making in her blog post. She questioned why in many instances showing how or the reasons why a decision is made, is often not included in the conversation. She questioned why in our adult and professional lives, we have moved away from those simple concepts […]

Moneyballing the Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Sectors

Have you ever had the experience of having a conversation that was all too familiar in terms of the substance, but also fundamentally wrong or off the mark? Perhaps it was a discussion about the performance of a sports team, the day by day analysis leading up to an election, or a meeting at work. […]